Subtle Progress, cover

Subtle Progress

Not only is my progress on this so subtle that you can barely see it from day to day but I didn’t have the time to spend 2 full hour on it.

Messy Start, cover

Messy Start

I finished up the contour of the figure then I got messy with filling in all of the paper with charcoal. I guess I could have just started with gray paper…

Drawing Finished, cover

Drawing Finished

Now that I have this drawing finished I’ve realized that keep forgetting lessons that I have learned in the past. I keep repeating mistakes.

Darker Still,cover

Darker Still

I keep putting charcoal down and I find that it needs to be even darker still. The drawing is taking a long time but I like the look of it.

Overall Block-in, cover

Overall Block-in

I moved back to the larger painting and decided to do an overall block-in. The same needs to happen with the smaller painting I’m working on.

Too Much White, cover

Too Much White

It seems like I’m always doing something a bit different and today’s session was harder than normal because of too much white.

Not Working, cover

Not Working

Well, my setup is not working. I think my canvas was too far away from my single light source so all my colors are too light.

Color Mapping, cover

Color Mapping

After my last painting session I realized that I needed a better understanding of my palette and the skin tones in the image, so I did some color mapping.

Drawing Done, cover

Drawing Done

With the drawing done I’m excited to get back to doing some painting after a month and a half away from it.

Not My Style, cover

Not My Style

I really don’t think that drawing this way is my style. Well, I at least know how I prefer to draw and this way is not it.

Bad Drawing, cover

Bad Drawing

So my focus lacking, and I’m putting out nothing but short bad drawing currently. Very boring for daily blogging, but… it’s what I do…

A Day Outside, cover

A Day Outside

I’ve been inside for too long and it was a beautiful day outside, so I spent an hour drawing then spent a lot of time in the sun helping my landlord in the garden.

Just Drawing, cover

Just Drawing

Nothing special about today I’m just drawing. I’m still not feeling well and just trying to stay focused.

Getting Worse, cover

Getting Worse

I’m still sick and I’m getting worse. I’m not sure why but today I wasn’t feeling well at all. Short session.

More Information, cover

More Information

I’m drawing this figure today trying to use the method from the Russian academy book. But, I’m not doing well, I feel like I need more information.

Nose Anatomy, cover

Nose Anatomy

I’m drawing from my new book. “Fundamentals of Drawing”, it has a lot of great anatomical pictures like this nose anatomy.

Home Sick, cover

Home Sick

After all the traveling and lack of sleep it is no wonder that I caught a cold. So, I’m drawing and home sick.

Sheep in Pasture, cover

Sheep in Pasture

Getting caught up on sleep, I napped a lot today and ended up drawing the sheep in pasture just behind the home we were staying at.

Ink on a Plane, cover

Ink on a Plane

Sometime when I’m on a trip I can get a good drawing session in. Then sometimes it’s the end of the day and I’m dog tired doing ink on a plane.

A Very Long Day, cover

A Very Long Day

After only a few hours of sleep, I flew overnight to Chicago, worked all day and finally got to bed late. It was a very long day.

Starting Over, cover

Starting Over

As I constantly strive to improve my drawing I find myself going back to basics, it’s not exactly like starting over, but some days it feels like it.

Slow On Purpose, cover

Slow On Purpose

I’ve always been pushed, or guided, to go fast when drawing gestures in the hopes of drawing the entire figure accurately in a very short time, but today I’m going slow on purpose.