Initial Layers

I worked on some initial layers of paint for some of the complex items at the top of the background.

Stack of CD’s

I’m excited to see all the gray areas getting filled with color and it’s nice to get the complex stack of CD’s started.

Patrick: Have a Plan

I started painting today a bit frazzled from some to-do items that were full of frustration and it helped me realize something.

Patrick: More Wall Fun

I love the abstraction that I’m infusing into the wall behind Patrick and it is so much fun to relax and let the texture and color flow from me.

Life Drawing: Magera

I feel this session went very well, I was focused and able to achieve flow several times throughout the three hours.

Patrick: Hand and Arm

I started working on the hand trying to get it looking somewhat finished when I realized that I need to do a lot of work on the arm also.

Shuksan Study 7

I’m trying to go from what I remember of the mountain the last time were were there and my memory is much different than the photo.

Shuksan Study 6

I was just trying a zoomed in version of this study today and wanted to keep everything very loose with not much detail.

Life Drawing: Lisa

For my painting today I was trying to follow an idea from Robert Henri in his book The Art Spirit.

Shuksan Study 5

I kept asking myself “why not” through this painting and trying subtle differences from all the other studies.

Shuksan Study 4

The fourth study painting of Mt Shuksan in the series and I like this one a lot but I’m not sure it’s ready for a larger painting.

Shuksan Study 3

The third study painting of Mt Shuksan in the series and it may be the worst yet, but it has some good things also.

Life Drawing: Amber

I’m working hard to find my own voice and have the courage to create what I want to create regardless of how my art is received.

Shuksan Study 2

The second study painting of Mt Shuksan in a series of paintings that I don’t know how long I will continue with, maybe 50.

Shuksan Study 1

I’m starting a new series of studies with the same subject, Mt Shuksan. Eventually I hope to turn what I learn into a large painting.