Still Life for Demo 2

The still life I did yesterday didn’t have the impact that I wanted to achieve. I wanted something to entice people to the demo.

Still Life for Demo

Doing a life drawing for a demo that I will be giving in the spring but after doing the drawing today I decided to go with a different example image.

Superman: Even Better

I always keep my latest work out so I can look at it throughout the day. Because of this I had to adjust the drawing more.

Superman: Struggle

I’m honestly not liking any of these drawings. I know I can do better but it is a struggle to get a likeness while keeping spontaneity.

Ann: Study Day

Today I spent more time studying other artists rather than drawing. Most of my time was spent with Robert Henri and Thomas Eakins.

Ann: Study 1

My next major work is of Ann. I haven’t seen her in a while but I can still recall our photo session in June last year.

Life Drawing: Christina

I moved a little out of my comfort zone today by using nothing but bigger brushes. I didn’t even take small brushes with me to the studio.

Patrick: Cd’s

I worked on the third layer of paint over the Cd’s on Patrick’s shelf and I like them a lot more now that I broke up their edges.

Patrick: Figure Done

Today is a big milestone in the Patrick painting. I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve finished the figure unless I find something I hate later.

Patrick: The Foot

This morning I worked on Patrick’s foot. Getting the drawing and values refined while also setting up for more layers later.