Monochrome Start #3, cover

Monochrome Start #3

I’ve done three of these monochrome starts now and I’m not perfect at it, what gives? Just kidding, of course, I hope to get better around number 100.

Drawing In Oil, cover

Drawing In Oil

It’s difficult to post work that is less than satisfactory, but I feel a need to expose my shortcomings, then deal with them head on. Currently I need much more practice drawing in oil.

No Energy, cover

No Energy

After a late July 4th night I didn’t have enough energy to get through the 5th with a lot of focus so this was a shorter session.

Oops!, cover


Ok these next two posts are going to have the same images because I accidentally deleted all my photos from the July 4th painting session, oops!

Duotone, cover


Taking my last session one step further I added a second tone, or duotone, to this painting.

Draw This #2

I’m not sure of what to work on next, but that doesn’t matter I always have lots of references to draw from while I figure out my next thing.

Draw This, cover

Draw This

A really nice resource for drawing from the figure has come to my attention. It is called “Draw This”.

Getting Darker, cover

Getting Darker

I’m at the point in the drawing where I’m refining and darkening everything. Basically just building up the charcoal in layers.

Subtle Progress, cover

Subtle Progress

Not only is my progress on this so subtle that you can barely see it from day to day but I didn’t have the time to spend 2 full hour on it.

Messy Start, cover

Messy Start

I finished up the contour of the figure then I got messy with filling in all of the paper with charcoal. I guess I could have just started with gray paper…