Slow On Purpose, cover

Slow On Purpose

I’ve always been pushed, or guided, to go fast when drawing gestures in the hopes of drawing the entire figure accurately in a very short time, but today I’m going slow on purpose.

Life Drawing: cover

Life Drawing

I’m already exhausting all of the timed life drawing image sets provided by New Masters Academy. I’m thinking about creating my own bank from their images.

Drawing Focus, cover

Drawing Focus

I experimented with drawing focus, or lack there of. I was intentionally distracted while drawing this session and it didn’t turn out that well.

In the Zone, cover

In the Zone

I may have not produced some of the best looking drawings but I was having fun and I was in the zone for this session.

Finished: Sara, Cover

Finished: Sara

After a total of 47 hours of work over 23 days I’m done with this painting. I ended up naming it Sara after the model’s name from New Masters Academy.

Leg and Foot, cover

Leg and Foot

I wasn’t feeling well all day today but I was able to accomplish two hours of painting a leg and foot anyway. Unfortunately I missed my workout today.

Thigh and Foot, cover

Thigh and Foot

Early morning painting session today and I worked on the thigh and foot. I can smell the end of this painting and I’m happier with it daily.

Taking a Day, cover

Taking a Day

There are times when it is best to recognize my mood and deal with it by taking a day to relax. Of course I still did some painting, I just shortened it today.

Life Drawing: Ronni, cover

Life Drawing: Ronni

Life drawing today didn’t go as well as I hoped. Well, the session went well, but my drawings weren’t as good as I wanted them to be.

Time Flies, cover

Time Flies

At the 14th session for this painting I’m finding that time flies when I’m working. I’m getting into the good parts and having a great time painting.

The awkward stage, cover

The Awkward Stage

It seems like every painting has an awkward stage. It’s that stage where everything doesn’t look quite right and you don’t know if it’s going to go bad or get better.

Slow Block-in, cover

Slow Block-in

At my current rate with the slow block-in this painting is going to take much longer than my previous paintings. I’m okay with that.

Starting Again, cover

Starting Over Again

After after a lot of thought on this current painting I decided on starting over again. But this time I’m putting much more care into the preparation of my canvas.

Abdomen, cover


Originally I had planned for today to be a drawing day in charcoal, but I really wanted to work on this painting.

Rib Cage, cover

Rib Cage

Working on painting the subtle transition of the rib cage which is really defining the torso of this figure and has lots of interest.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

My days are so full. Looking at my extensive TODO list is demoralizing but as long as I just focus on moving forward it becomes a lot less stressful.

Finished, detail


After 22 hours I’m finished with this painting. I’m not very happy with the outcome but I’ve learned from it and that is great.