Two Oranges

There is an interesting dichotomy that I think exists within most artists. We love to do art, but lots of times we just don’t feel like it. I’m not sure how we can love something yet not feel like doing it, but it happens. Luckily I know a cure… Wow, that sounded like a sales pitch… Ok, I don’t know a “cure” but I do know what works for me, and it may work for you.

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Life Drawing

It is said that leaving your comfort zone allows you to grow. What isn’t mentioned is how nerve-racking it is at the beginning. This morning in life drawing I was responsible for timing the model and I found it difficult to watch the time and draw at the same time. Plus I was changing up the normal pose format so I feared an artist revolt.

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Lonely Bench

Today I’m doing something different. In my sad attempt to emulate James Gurney I’m going on location with my gouache paints and painting a landscape. My wife and I have been to this soccer field several time and I have never seen anyone sitting on this lonely bench. So I wanted to try to capture the idea of loneliness.

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After the short art session last night I was determined to get some real time in today. After quite a bit of time coming up with an interesting composition I ended up with a painting that I’m happy with called “Hatched”.

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Orange Balance

Sunday’s are supposed to be my day to focus on landscape painting but today it was very rainy and cold so traveling to a location and painting was out of the question. I focused on still life instead. Orange balance looks like such a simple painting to do but again I was surprised at how the simplistic could be challenging.

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