In The Bend: Session 8

Let’s just say that today was not a very good day and it really showed in my ability to get anything correct on the painting.

In The Bend: Session 8
In The Bend: Session 8
In The Bend: Session 8, setup

2 thoughts on “In The Bend: Session 8

  1. I think you are being a little too hard on yourself. Maybe it wasn’t your best day, but 1) You did art. 2) Each day you work on your art you improve even a little. 3) Setbacks occur. In these instances we need to employ operant conditioning and LRS, paying no attention to the setbacks. Don’t feed them with negativity.
    You are doing great work, and you are doing great things. Even on your worst day. Keep your chin up.
    It’s not your fault…

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