Living Room: Out of Focus

Not only is the photograph out of focus but for this session my mind was out of focus also.

I just couldn’t get into painting today and I knew it so I did what I could and kept the session short. I would rather get the minimum done and not have to redo my work than push myself to go long and mess up a part of the painting that I have to go over again.

Living Room: Out of Focus
Living Room: Out of Focus

2 thoughts on “Living Room: Out of Focus

  1. I don’t have much of an artist’s eye, but the painting looks near completion.
    Then you get to do it over again with the new arrangement of everything.

    1. Haha! you are correct, I think it is done. But I’m not ready to start another long term painting right now. I think I’m going to step back a bit and focus on the fundamentals for a bit.

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