Life Drawing: Magera

I feel this session went very well, I was focused and able to achieve flow several times throughout the three hours.

Patrick: Hand and Arm

I started working on the hand trying to get it looking somewhat finished when I realized that I need to do a lot of work on the arm also.

Shuksan Study 7

I’m trying to go from what I remember of the mountain the last time were were there and my memory is much different than the photo.

Shuksan Study 6

I was just trying a zoomed in version of this study today and wanted to keep everything very loose with not much detail.

Life Drawing: Lisa

For my painting today I was trying to follow an idea from Robert Henri in his book The Art Spirit.

Shuksan Study 5

I kept asking myself “why not” through this painting and trying subtle differences from all the other studies.

Shuksan Study 4

The fourth study painting of Mt Shuksan in the series and I like this one a lot but I’m not sure it’s ready for a larger painting.

Shuksan Study 3

The third study painting of Mt Shuksan in the series and it may be the worst yet, but it has some good things also.

Life Drawing: Amber

I’m working hard to find my own voice and have the courage to create what I want to create regardless of how my art is received.

Shuksan Study 2

The second study painting of Mt Shuksan in a series of paintings that I don’t know how long I will continue with, maybe 50.

Shuksan Study 1

I’m starting a new series of studies with the same subject, Mt Shuksan. Eventually I hope to turn what I learn into a large painting.

Patrick: More Hair

I started working on the right side of Patrick’s hair. When I finish this I feel his head will be completed but I still have a very long way to go on this painting.

Patrick: Beard

After a wonderful day hiking the mountains around Mt Baker with Pattie and Susan I’m painting later in the day and working on Patrick’s beard.

Patrick: Neck

My work is taking up a lot of time time right now due to a deadline so I just spent the minimum time on painting Patrick today.