Session #440, Work #419

This is the first painting of our backyard at this new apartment. It was such a nice day that I couldn’t pass it up. Also the light hitting the foreground tree was amazing. Although, by the time I took the setup picture the light had changed dramatically.

Session #439, Work #418

I just about blacked out the entire paper today and begun working back into the lighter areas of the scene.

Session #438, Work #418

With a deep desire to figure out why I love this scene so much I have started on a larger series of works based on a previous painting I did at A&C art supply.

Session #437, Work #417

I have been coming to this class every Wednesday for over a year now and I had this idea of posting images or at least a link to the artwork I was doing one year ago. I think it will be nice to see my progress, if any.

Session #436, Work #416

Tonight in painting class we had a wonderful discussion with all the artist about their work they completed over the few months that the class was going on. Luckily I got there a bit early and was able to start a new painting of a subject in the studio that I painted before. But, I had to continue the painting at home from photos that I took while at the studio.

Session #435, Work #415

Not much to say about tonight’s work. It was late and I wanted to do something so I used some online figure reference to draw figures for an hour.

Session #434, Work #414

Tonight was a combination of a random subject matter and false lighting. I used an app on my phone to pick some random numbers and I ended up in the kitchen with my portable light searching for a subject. For weeks now I have looked at our orange bowl capturing sun light streaming in through our kitchen window. I couldn’t capture the sunlight so I used my lamp and made my own.

Session #433, Work #413

Tonight wasn’t a random pick, but I didn’t contrive a still life either. A few weeks back I purchased a really cheap small lamp from Goodwill and tonight I used it to light random things around my apartment. I made no effort to change the apartment or its messiness in any way, I just added dramatic lighting and I was amazed at how quickly the ordinary became extraordinary. 

Session #432, Work #412

I’m really enjoying these random pics given to my by friends on Facebook. The painting tonight was a suggestion for last nights painting that I decided to take on tonight. There is an interesting connection between my paintings and the person choosing numbers that will tell me which room to choose and which direction. I find most of the time that best subjects are chosen at random by people I know.

Session #431, Work #411

Tonight was another random choice from Facebook. And a suggestion that I should paint this one while standing on my head. Of course painting while on my head would be ridiculous, but my mind went directly to my large portrait mirror. What if, instead of turning myself upside down I turned my subject upside down?

Session #430, Work #410

I didn’t feel like dragging my paints to drawing class tonight so I took it easy and just brought my charcoal supplies. Although I did bring some compressed charcoal that I previously hated, hoping to maybe change my mind on the material. I think that tonight’s drawings may have done that.

Session #429, Work #409

After a ton of thought about what my subject will be and what fascinates me I realized that I really enjoy the removal of the choice of subject matter from my work. For some reason if I setup a still life or if I choose a location, I dislike it, it all seems too contrived. Lately I have had my wife choose numbers that would indicate rooms and degrees but today I sent out a request on Facebook for someone to choose my subject.

Session #428, Work #408

A short session tonight. I’m still struggling with my subject so I just wanted to try something a little different.

Session #427, Work #407

Drawing from photos yesterday with quick gestures was really interesting, but tonight I figured I would try drawing from photo but for a longer time period. Unfortunately a photograph doesn’t capture near the details we can see with our eyes so I had to rely on my own emotions to get a since of flesh in the drawing.

Session #426, Work #406

In my desperate need to draw from the figure I decided to try drawing from images on my computer tonight. It was much different from life but at least I timed myself and kept the drawing time low.

Session #425, Work #405

I’m really itching to paint from the figure and since I don’t have nude people at my beck and call I setup a mirror and paint myself. 

Session #424, Work #404

I went through all of my artwork from the past year or more and made a scorecard for all the works that I liked. The scorecard consisted of things like; Drawn well, Focus on value, High contrast, Composed etc… As I went through all my work and picked out pieces that I liked I would mark any attribute of the scorecard that the piece pertained to and I ended up with a definite indication of what I’m most interested in.

Session #423, Work #403

The drawings were good tonight but I was really struggling with the painting. The model had a very interesting body and I was so enamored by it that I think I was tense and lacking focus. Well, whatever the issue, I ended up wiping out this painting several times before giving up and going for a very abstract and frustrating stab at the canvas.

Session #421, Work #401

After watching a documentary on Rembrandt on Youtube I was inspired to do a self portrait. But I didn’t feel a need to go deep into color or thick paint so I just had fun with black and reductive painting. Focusing only on getting the drawing and values as correct as possible. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Session #420, Work #400

Today I returned to the Gage Academy for their last open studio for the session. It has been a while and I was reminded how much I enjoyed it. The painting turned out ok, but I felt like I needed to do much more with it. I felt upset that all I was doing was rendering what was in front of me and not saying much more.

Session #419, Work #399

Tonight it was late and I had no idea what to do, and no motivation towards any subject. So I did something I have hardly ever done. I drew figures from photos.

Session #418, Work #398

Well, I figured out the oil panel thing tonight. My last painting was terrible because I didn’t know how to correctly apply the paint to a different surface.

Session #417, Work #397

So this is one of the panels that I used an oil ground on. It has taken this panel a couple weeks to dry before I could paint on it, and I was really hating life while using it.

Session #416, Work #396

Figure drawing tonight went well. I decided to stand because I have been sitting at work all day and its nice to force myself to walk away from my painting and drawings often.

Session #415, Work #395

Tonight’s random location landed me in my bathroom. Its quite a challenge when I’m forced to look at an almost blank part of our apartment and figure out something interesting to paint. I turned to my phone to help pick out some interesting compositions for this painting, and I like what I ended up with.

Session #414, Work #394

Its quite a challenge when I’m forced to look at an almost blank part of our apartment and figure out something interesting to paint. I turned to my phone to help pick out some interesting compositions for this painting, and I like what I ended up with.

Session #413, Work #393

Tonight Pattie picked room 4, which is our computer room / studio, and 210 degrees. Which so happened to be the exact place we were facing when I asked her to pick the random numbers. I don’t know how she does it, its kind eerie. 

Session #412, Work #392

Tonight the random numbers were 3 and 125. The third room of our apartment is our bedroom and this is what you see when you face 125 degrees. What is strange is that I have a random number generator on my phone and every time I use it the scene is crap. But when I ask Pattie to pick numbers the scene is nice. I must be partial to Patties choices, maybe.

Session #411, Work #391

Pattie was already in bed tonight so I had her pick a number between 0 and 360, she picked 90. So I used my compass in the living room and pointed it toward 90 degrees and this is the scene I came up with.

Session #410, Work #390

This time I had Pattie do the spinning and point at what she saw as soon as she opened her eyes. I never would have picked this to paint but I was more interested in the scene the longer I painted.

Session #409, Work #389

For some reason every time I draw or paint Emily I tend to complete something really cool. She must be such an amazing model that the art of her just gets better. 

Session #408, Work #388

Tonight in painting class Jamie was extremely helpful with helping me figure out what my true subject is and how to come closer to expressing it. At one point during the class I figured out that I really didn’t any still life that I setup myself, it seemed much too contrived. I was more interested in the studio space and its randomness than something I setup to look like what I thought of a still life.

Session #407, Work #387

I knew that one day would come when I would be so sick that I wouldn’t even feel like drawing. Tonight I had to power through some stomach discomfort to get this drawing done. It was difficult but I’m glad I tore myself out of bed and did it.

Session #406, Work #386

Some days a painting just goes terrible, and this was one of them. I struggled with this painting for an hour before giving up on it.

Session #405, Work #385

I really liked how this painting turned out. But, I do realize that I’m avoiding the continued work on my long term still life painting. So, that means I’m going to push myself to work on it until I finish in the next couple days.

Session #404, Work #383

I finished up this painting tonight. I’m glad that I put the time in on it. It is the best of the glass paintings that I have done.

Session #403, Work #383

I continued work on this still life tonight. I started adding color and much thicker paint but I only worked on it for about 30 minutes until I had to leave to pick up Pattie from the airport.

Session #402, Work #384

Life drawing again tonight. I’m still struggling with gestures and tonight was especially hard because the model was so amazing that it was almost impossible to capture the beauty of her body.

Session #401, Work #383

This is the second time that I painted these glasses with one filled with rum. I really like the yellow of the rum and how the light moving through it changes the still life.

Session #400, Work #382

On my drive home today I was thinking about last nights still life and how much fun I had with trying to make since of all the subtle transitions of value and shapes in the glasses. And I wondered how I could make these transitions even more subtle and hidden, so I setup a still life with glasses on white.

Session #399, Work #381

I’m still having fun with glass on white, and I added a bit of black today for interest, plus some nice colored Rum. The values here are so subtle that I have to really focus on every stroke of paint I put down. I also have to constantly have a clear awareness of the overall values within the still life. If I get too many values too high then I will loose the super white glare on the glasses into the background. Needless to say it is a bit of a challenge.  

Session #398, Work #380

I enjoyed painting the glass on white so much yesterday that I did it again today. It wasn’t a long painting but I think I got the basic idea of the still life and accomplished it well for only an hour.

Session #396, Work #378

I think I’m going to make this post and the next few very short, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount I intend to write on my blog every night and this is resulting in me not posting every day. So I think cutting back a bit and getting out a post every night would be better.

Session #395, Work #377

I have always had trouble with gestures, and tonight was not different. I know why I suck at them, I don’t practice them. So I normally just fall back into a slower drawing style moving from one specific shape to the next. The drawings turn out better but I still don’t get any gesture practice. One day I will actually bite the bullet and just go to a few gesture classes. 

Session #394, Work #376

I realized that I didn’t take any setup pictures of my still life tonight, so your just going to have to deal with nothing but text.

Session #393, Work #357

This painting as sat for a while now, close to two weeks before I touched it again. I wanted to get focused tonight and work slowly, with a focus on separating the texture of the foreground elements and the background.

Session #392, Work #375

The final chart for my palette, now all I have to do is wait for them to dry and then I can reference them.

Session #391, Work #374

I finished this chart tonight and I felt like I was painting the same exact swatches 3 times over. If you look at the last three columns on this chart they are all almost exactly the same. The mixtures are red scarlet with veridian, then manganese blue, then ultramarine deep.

Session #390, Work #374

I would have liked to finish this chart tonight but with Pattie leaving for the UK tomorrow we have a lot to do.

Session #389, Work #373

The last few days I have only spent about an hour a day on these charts, but I plan on making up all my time this weekend.

Session #388, Work #373

I worked a bit over an hour today on this chart but again I was so busy with all kinds of other things I didn’t have enough time to finish it.

Session #387, Work #373

I didn’t work to long tonight and I’m getting to a point where soon I will be happy to be done with these charts.

Session #386, Work #372

I was surprised that I was able to get this whole chart done tonight.

Session #385, Work #371

Six hours of work on these charts today, I definitely don’t have any issue with longevity when doing these charts.

Session #384, Work #370

I finished up the Manganese Blue chart today and begun the Veridian Green Light chart. I’m using all Old Holland paints for these charts. These are some of the most expensive paints you can buy, but I want paint that has a very high pigment content and quality. I expect these charts to be used for years to come, and for my most important paintings I will want to use the best paints.

Session #383, Work #369

I felt like one hour was not near enough time to call it a good session yesterday. There something about doing color charts that makes me feel as if its not as important as painting something. Richard Schmid would disagree, but I just get that feeling that I’m cheating in some way.

Session #382, Work #368

I was thinking that these charts would be easy, but I was wrong. These 10 colors alone took me 1 hour to mix.

Session #381, Work #367

Daniel was the model tonight and her poses were making people in the class say “Wow”. There is something about a great pose that gives you the energy and motivation to block out everything and focus on drawing as if nothing else exists. Sometimes if a model is great the drawings around the whole room will look great.