So Close, detail

So Close

I’m so close to being finished with this painting, I’m almost positive that I will finish it on my next session with it.

Color Tests, detail

Color Tests

I didn’t get a lot of painting done on the figure today because I focused for the first hour on color tests.

Time Flies, detail

Time Flies

There was a time when I found it hard to paint for only 30 minutes a day. Now I commit to 2 hours every day and time flies.

Painting a Hand, detail

Painting a Hand

I spent the whole 2 hours session this morning painting a hand. I guess it doesn’t need saying but I’m really taking my time with this figure painting.

Unfocused Block-in, detail

Unfocused Block-in

I’ve written about focus many times here and I feel it is most necessary when painting. Unfortunately for today’s session I could only achieve an unfocused block-in.

Another Small Step Forward, detail

Another Small Step Forward

I wouldn’t call this painting a “break through” but I will call it a small step forward. With this one work I’ve changed my thought process slightly, but I expect the slight shift to make a huge difference in the future.

Small Changes, detail

Small Changes

In an attempt to achieve a feeling of structure and volume in the figure I just made a lot of small changes to what I worked on previously.

Seeing More, detail

Seeing More

Continuing with this painting and my influence by Robert Liberace I’m seeing more values and colors in the body. I may be pushing it a bit at the moment but I believe that subtlety comes with experience.

On To The Next Painting, detail

On To The Next Painting

Today I finished up this female figure with painting her legs and feet and now I’m on to the next painting. I may do some touchup to this work once it is dry, and I definitely need to varnish it and take better photos of it.

Painting Legs, detail

Painting Legs

Just a short post today with me sticking to the facts. With this session I worked on the legs of this figure painting.

Painting Progression, detail

Painting Progression

For the past 4 years of daily painting I’ve focused a lot on time. I believe, that in our society today, most artists have a misconception of time when associated with art making.

Painting Breasts, detail

Painting Breasts

As I paint the provocative parts of human anatomy I can’t help but think about their social implications with whomever around me sees the work. Painting breasts or genitalia is not in any way provocative for me, it’s just a study of drawing, value and color, and yet…

Subtle Shades, detail

Subtle Shades

There are so many different subtle shades of value and color throughout the body that I find it infinitely interesting.

Working Small,detail

Working Small

This painting would be much easier if I was working on a larger canvas. But, working small has its advantages as well as being good training.

Painting Hands, detail

Painting Hands

Well, I thought I was close to finished with this painting until I started painting hands. I spent two hours on just the hands today and it was well worth it.

Getting Closer, detail

Getting Closer

Working slowly every day on this painting I’m getting closer to completion. I’m not sure why I decided to go into detail with this painting but it is very rewarding.

Arm Done, detail

Arm Done

I focused on nothing but painting the arm of the figure today. Now that I have the arm done it is time to work my way around the whole body.

Just Not Working, detail

Just Not Working

Ever have a painting session where nothing you do seems to go well. I spent two hours on this painting today and everything I put down was just not working and I didn’t have a clue why.

Focus on Surface, detail

Focus on Surface

After yesterdays painting and its difficulties with detail I decided to attempt high detail with this painting. I began with the painting surface and spent a lot of time sanding it smooth.

Size Matters, detail

Size Matters

The refining of this painting was very difficult due to it’s small size. Trying to paint a detailed portrait on a small head is very difficult.

Book or Music While Painting?, detail

Book or Music While Painting?

When I’m doing my daily art I either listen to an audiobook or music. Sometimes I find the audiobook distracting and other times it doesn’t matter at all. I wonder if I tracked what I listen to while painting if I would see a pattern?

Admitting My Flaws, detail

Admitting My Flaws

One of the main purposes I use this blog for is to review my work, find where my skills are lacking, accept those shortcomings and move forward to fix them. But, one of the harder aspects of constant review of my work is admitting my flaws, and in this case, laziness…

Weekend Getaway

Pattie and I took a short cruise to Victoria BC for the weekend and stayed at the Empress hotel. We had a wonderful time and I was able to do a short sketch in the hotel room at night.