Pattie: Background

I started on the background today to get away from the portrait for a bit. Her face is not done yet but it is good to work on something a bit different for a while.

Pattie: Oil

I’ve started with oil now and I’m taking my time, I don’t want to rush this as it is the first time I’m trying oil over acrylic.

Pattie: Neck

Painting in the areas surrounding the head really adds depth to the painting so far, I’m even happier with the face as I start on the neck.

Portrait Session 4

In today’s portrait session I decided to try acrylic, at first I thought it would be fun, but I found it very frustrating.

Life Drawing: Steven

Normally I move around the room and do a different drawing every 20 minutes but today I felt like staying in one place and working on one drawing the whole session.

Pattie: Keepsakes

The background of this painting is a large shelving unit full of keepsakes. I’m excited and a little overwhelmed at all the detail to capture.

Pattie: Folds

Folds in clothing can get super complicated and as I move down the portrait I’m having to deal with more and more folds.

New Painting

The idea for this painting has been in my head for months and I finally had time to take the photos.

Even Slower

Today I’m drawing super slow, I took my time and just enjoyed the tiny details and building up the portrait of this figure.

More Time

I started drawing 1 minute poses of a model from DrawThis on YouTube, and after a few cartoon looking head I decided to spend some time and capture the person.

Just Heads

Working from YouTube and DrawThis, I’m finding it difficult to get the shape of this model’s face correct.


Even though I schedule my art time and try to protect it from distractions some things just can’t wait.