Drawing Focus

When you have multiple things going on at once it’s very hard to do any one thing to the best of your ability, your best work needs all your focus.

Busy Day

I had a lot going on today so my art session was pretty simple. Setup, find content, start drawing. Short, sweet and to the point.

Music is Best

I consistently have better drawings plus I’m much more focused while drawing when listening to music.

More Time

I would hope that I drew at the same speed even though I have more time, but inevitably I slow down.

More Short Poses

I switched it up today and did some drawing from Draw This on YouTube, I like the format and the models better but it is a bit long so I just worked on the first part.

Just Drawing

I like it when I forget about everything around me and deeply focus on the shape of a contour or the edge of a shadow, moving through the drawing not caring about what I’ve done or what to draw next.


I’ve been following Brian Johnson and his work on YouTube for years and now me and my wife have decided to make a huge commitment to his program.

Drawing Slowly

My gesture drawing has changed over the years, I worry less about getting the whole figure in and more about the accuracy of each stroke I make.

Figure Drawing

I have big plan for the new year, it may take some time for them to get off the ground but it’s all about longevity. So here is to starting the year off right.

Light Touch

I used a harder charcoal pencil for this session, an HB conte 1710, I like the lighter touch needed for the figure drawing here and the focus on line.

Close Enough

I’m not worried too much about accuracy but I am happy that even after weeks of no drawing, only painting, I’m getting close enough.

Figure Drawing

I spent some time looking at my painting and I decided to call it finished, the rest of the session was some figure drawing from YouTube.

Life Drawing

It’s been a couple weeks since I was at life drawing due to holiday activities, I wish there was more than on life drawing group close to me.

Life Drawing

Life Drawing this morning and it was a good session. I was able to last the entire three hours.