Patrick: Warm Colors

I purchased some new paints that are all warmer than my current set and I think this is helping a lot to achieve what I want.

Pattie: Wood Floor Done

I’m almost certain I’ve finished the wood floor except for the smaller shadows under her feet which I will do when I work on the feet next.

Pattie: Home Again

We had a super long trip last night and didn’t get home till 2am so I’m painting a bit late in the day on Pattie’s portrait after getting some needed sleep.

Pattie: Wood Floor

I wasn’t looking forward to the wood floor so I just dove right into it. Normally when I don’t like something it’s because I need practice.

Patrick: Awkward

This is the stage of drawing were it always seems very awkward looking to me. Just lines placed with accuracy and no emotion.

Patrick: Start

I’m working larger, my surface is canvas now instead of paper and my setup is totally different. Lots will change with this painting.

Life Drawing: Lyssa

I’ve discovered, or re-discovered that I have a hard time drawing women with subtle curves. Definitely something I need to work on.

Pattie: Busy Day

Right after work today I had to shoot off to the mainland for a Dr appointment so I’m doing my art much later in the day than normal.

Pattie: More Dishes

I just spent a little time on painting the dishes today because I was putting many coats of gesso on a new painting.

Pattie: Dishes

I’m not working on two paintings, I’ve determined the next painting’s composition and I have started preparing its canvas.

Pattie: Travel Day

I spent most of the day today traveling and waiting with errands on the mainland. As I write this I’m totally exhausted but happy that I got some work done on the painting.

Pattie: Not Much

I didn’t get much done on this painting today as I was doing a lot of preparation for my next portrait.

Pattie: 100 Sessions

I’ve worked on this painting now for 100 sessions. Most of the session have been an hour or shorter but this is still the longest I’ve ever worked on a painting.

Pattie: Elephants

Another session with the top shelf. I’m working from left to right and at the end of the line is a bunch of elephant figurines.

Pattie: More Fairies

I worked on more items at the top shelf today plus I went through over 400 photos taken of Patrick yesterday. I’m excited for the next portrait.

Pattie: Fairies

The small mass of items at the top of the shelves includes fairies and a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t recognizable, at this point it is just texture.

Pattie: Angels

I’m now working on a couple angles to the right of the tiny portraits. These will be much more indistinct and fuzzy than the portraits.

Life Drawing: Randy

I think I learned a lot today at life drawing. Or maybe it was just an affirmation of previous things learned but it was a good session.


I don’t really care too much about the surface of the painting. Everything is intentionally left flat, my focus is on describing what I see.