Patrick: Arm

My schedule is a bit off this week, so I’m painting later at night with not much motivation on Patrick’s arm. I expect to do it over later.

Mt Shuksan

My In-laws are in town and we took a trip out to Mt Shuksan which had some of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen in Washington.

Patrick: Teeth

I’ve avoided details of the mouth until now. Teeth take lots of concentration to get right and if painted wrong they stand out horribly.

Patrick: Neck

Today I started work on his neck with a focus on high chroma and texture in an attempt to communicate the weather beaten skin.

Patrick: Uncertainty

I’m trying to figure out what I want to accomplish with this portrait. I think the drawing and composition is set but the paint application needs something more.

Patrick: Direction

Each area of a painting starts with no direction, I feel lost when starting, so I just focus on something small and specific that I can effect well.

Patrick: Bandana

I didn’t feel that I had a lot of energy for focus this morning so I worked on the base color for the bandana and some of the background.

Patrick: Medium

During this session I thought to use Gamblins Neo-Meglip medium to bolster the texture of the paint but that idea fell flat, literally and figuratively.

Patrick: Impasto

I’m close to slapping on the paint thickly with a palette knife, maybe if I sculpt the portrait out of paint I can come close to the life I want to achieve.

Patrick: Leg

I’m moving on to the first layer of paint over Patrick’s leg and some of the black couch in the background.

Patrick: The Foot

Patrick’s foot is so prominent in the painting that I first worried about it’s awkwardness but now I feel it may be one of the most important parts of the painting.

Patrick: Layering

I spent some time painting over some of the face and layering the paint. This is the last of layering for now as I decide to work a single layer over the entire figure first.

Patrick: No More Strokes

I’m trying my best not to stroke the brush on the canvas, instead I use a frayed brush and meander it across the surface. It’s closer to real life this way.

Patrick: Drawing Done

I’m done with the drawing with graphite now it is time to begin with paint. I will always be drawing but now it is time to transition to painting.

Moving Sketch 2

We have moved most of our stuff to our new apartment yesterday now we are moving our most precious kitties after I do my sketch.

Moving Sketch

All my art supplies are packed up and the apartment is almost empty so I’m sitting on the floor drawing a clean kitchen stove.