Abdomen, cover


Originally I had planned for today to be a drawing day in charcoal, but I really wanted to work on this painting.

Rib Cage, cover

Rib Cage

Working on painting the subtle transition of the rib cage which is really defining the torso of this figure and has lots of interest.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

My days are so full. Looking at my extensive TODO list is demoralizing but as long as I just focus on moving forward it becomes a lot less stressful.

Finished, detail


After 22 hours I’m finished with this painting. I’m not very happy with the outcome but I’ve learned from it and that is great.

Painting Planes, detail

Painting Planes

There is something about male models with their sharp edges and we defined transitions of value that I find it easy to simplify and just focus on painting planes.

Finished, detail


After 20 hours of work I’m done with this painting. I’m happy with it but now I’m thinking about how long I want to continue doing these long term figures at this size.

Green Skin, detail

Green Skin

It is interesting how diverse the colors are in skin tones, I find myself painting green skin very often.

60 min, Life Drawing

Life Drawing

The life drawing session went well this morning. Our model was great and the new stand position was welcomed by all.

Where to Start, detail

Where to Start

Whenever I start a painting, or in this case starting again, I spend some time trying to figure out where to start. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is difficult, like today.

Life Drawing, 80 min

Life Drawing

I setup the model a bit different today at the open studio. We usually put the model on a dark background but today I switched it all to white.

Close To Finished, detail

Close To Finished

I’m so close to finished with this painting that it was hard to stop this session. Alas, my schedule is packed daily so I had to put the brush down.

Subtle Changes, detail

Subtle Changes

As I work further into this painting it seems that I accomplish nothing but subtle changes, even after two hours each session.

A Little Lost, detail

A Little Lost

I’m not sure exactly what was happening with this session but I was feeling a little lost and couldn’t figure out the complexity of this foot and leg.

life draiwng, 60 min drawing

Life Drawing

Open studio life drawing Saturday again here on south Whidbey Island. 

Wet Paint, detail

Wet Paint

I was mistaken in thinking that my current palette of paints dry in one day so I was having issues with wet paint pulling away from the canvas.

Quick Block-in, detail

Quick Block-in

Well this painting is progressing much faster than the last already. I spent two hours on it today and I already have a full block-in.

Finished, detail


After 26 hours spread over 13 sessions I have finished this painting. This may be the best figure painting I’ve ever done, so far.

So Close, detail

So Close

I’m so close to being finished with this painting, I’m almost positive that I will finish it on my next session with it.

Color Tests, detail

Color Tests

I didn’t get a lot of painting done on the figure today because I focused for the first hour on color tests.