Patrick: Keeping it Loose

From the beginning I wanted to keep the background loose and it is also nice to paint differently for a while.

I’m interested in the outcome of the background and it’s interaction with the figure. Will the looseness of the background move forward and overshadow the figure? Or will the accuracy and detail within the figure overshadow the background? Maybe I will find that each clash with each other and the whole painting becomes awkward and muddy. Regardless I will learn something.

One thing that I have know yet forgotten, only to be reminded today, was that painting loose does not mean painting quickly. I must wield the brush with utmost control and attempt to render more with less strokes. To tell the story of line, color, value and edge all in one stroke.  Also, don’t just paint the surface of what may seem as an an area of solid color, look at that piece of wood painted white and use your brush to describe the character within it’s texture and all the transitions of color and value it has. Not doing this, is like painting a wall with a roller, covering canvas just to get something done, and not seeing the truth of what it is your painting, really IS.

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