Session #100, Work #093

Still working hard on training my eye through the Bargue course. Even though this session was only an hour long I worked really hard on getting the drawing as perfect as possible.

So this is the 100th consecutive session that I have done and I wanted to do something special but I have been so busy that I have been finding it difficult to even do more than an hour a night. So, I just continued with the course, although at this rate I  will finish the Bargue course in about a year… I do plan on working hard on my drawing for at least nine months before going back to mostly painting, I think this really strict schedule can only help me in the future. From session 1 this year the my biggest failure has always been drawing and I need to really focus on it hard.

Currently I’m also reading “The Practice and Science of Drawing” by Harold Speed, and it is giving a great account of the exact path an artist should take to become an excellent draftsman.

As I did a search for this book to link it I found that it is also a free e-book, of course I find this out after I purchase it.

The Drawing




What is interesting here is that even the weight of the line is throwing off my ability to judge if a distance/width is correct. There are a couple places here that look incorrect but when compared are not.