Session #107, Work #104


The Drawing



The Setup





Here is how I began the drawing, I didn’t use the vertical and horizontal line shown by the guide. I did an angled line that touched the top of the lip and the furthest right point on the chin.



After setting in some vertical measurements I added in the vertical line similar in placement to the guides vertical line. This was very helpful in placing the extension of the nose.


51413-drawingThere are many errors here, and I’m not sure exactly how to correct them. There comes a point in a drawing where my powers of observation and judgement obviously need honing.  I’m trying to get away from measuring as much as possible because its not always possible when dealing with a more un-sanitized drawing environment. In a real environment I have to rely mostly on my own powers of observation, I have to be able to spot the most smallest difference without any aid beyond just looking and comparing the subject to the drawing.