Session #125, Work #128


We drove out to Twisp Washington late Friday night. The drive out was beautiful, as seen in this amazing photo taken on highway 20 next to liberty bell mountain.


I had already done a sketch Friday and we didn’t get to the amazing hotel until about 9:30pm, so I didn’t really have time for any drawing.

The next day we biked about 9 miles to Winthrop Washington where we shopped and had lunch. After several hours in Winthrop we biked another three miles to Pearrygin Lake where I was able to sit for 30 minutes and sketch the mountains over the lake.


I forgot to mention, before we left Twisp on our bikes we stopped by the local bakery and farmers market. I found this awesome pencil case hand made by a local artist at the farmers market. I couldn’t pass up a chance to support another artist, and I was looking for a nice pencil case, this one is amazing, so it was a winning situation for us both.


Here is a picture of my vantage point, across the lake from the mountains, sitting on a picnic table.


I cropped the scene a bit on my drawing. I wanted to try and capture the atmospheric perspective here, but I quickly realized that I should have used my grey toned sketch books so I could capture the whites with my white chalk pencil.



After our 26 mile bike ride, a refreshing showing and a cozy nap, I sketched our balcony before dinner. The sun was dropping low and the stripes from the balcony railing was sending stripes of sun beams over the balcony furniture. I was planning on adding values here but I got so caught up in the linear quality of all the furniture that I decided to focus on that, and see if I could vary my line in places to suggest value or local color change or even texture.

60113bOver all it was an amazing day, and I was ecstatic that I was able to get an hour of sketching in.