Session #149, Work #150


If anyone wants to attend this session you can get the details from its section. I had some trouble figuring out exactly where the studio was even though the direction indicated that it was right next to Cash and Carry. I think it was the chain link fence gate that threw me off, it looked like a back way into someones private property. So after venturing into the unknown backyard I was greeting with an amazing studio. I’m not joking this studio is top notch, its very close to what I would call my dream studio. I also met Aaron Coberly the organizer who was already three hours into an amazing portrait painting of the model, and another gentleman named John who was also deep into a great painting.

I will definitely attend this session again, the people were nice, the space was perfect and the art being produced was inspiring.


The Drawings

20 minute sketch



20 minute sketch



20 minute sketch



25 minute sketch



40 min sketch




One of the super nice studio cats. I almost sketched this one while she was posing with the model.