Session #043, Work #034

Long day at work, and a late start on the painting tonight so I will keep this short.
Take your freaking time! Cause when you do, your paintings turn out 1 million times better. I’m so happy with my performance tonight. I took my time, I even set a timer and took a break every thirty minutes. I think the breaks were the most useful, it forced me to take my time, to setup away. I don’t know why I get in such a rush, I think itsĀ becauseĀ of all the amazing artists I see and for some reason I put their speed of painting over everything. I forget that they have had years of steady slow painting that gave them that speed.
I also made an awesome glass palette tonight, holy cow the glass and the grey background I used makes mixing painting super fun, its almost heavenly.



The setup. You can see my new palette in the picture also. Man I love this palette, I may take it with me when I paint landscapes, I don’t want to part with it, its my precious!

My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color



How can I improve the drawing

I took my time with the drawing, and guess what, its almost perfect. I found the key, I just need to remember it.




How can I improve the values?

I’m a bit dark above the apple, and light to the left of the cup and apple. I will correct these with the continuation of this painting tomorrow.