Session #062, Work #051


This is my second time painting at Richmond Beach Park in shoreline. I tried to find a shaded area that where I could look out over the water at the mountains, but there was no shaded area with a good view. So for both paintings today I was facing into the sun. My face really hurt by the end of the day from sunburn and squinting so much. Luckily I had sun glasses but I still had to squint a lot. I realized later in the night while tending to my sunburn that this is why we always looked for shade when painting in Florida.

So, after the first painting today at Gas Works Park I got fueled up on my favorite dish Shawarma and headed to my neck of the woods. I knew that I had probably messed up on the atmospheric perspective of the previous painting so I wanted to focus on that for this painting. I cropped out must of the trees and shrubs so I wouldn’t have to deal with them then started on the sky and mountains trying to get those subtle atmospheric values correct.


The Painting



The Location


This picture was taken when I started the painting.



This picture was taken when I finished the painting. If I was out there much longer the sun would have been directly in my eyes.


My hierarchy of painting importance

  1. Drawing
  2. Value
  3. Edges
  4. Composition
  5. Color




How can I improve the values?

Maybe a bit too dark on the mountains, and the edges are a bit hard also. Wow I need to work on rendering “fluff” also. Those leafless tress in the foreground are so hard to render convincingly.