Session #084, Work #074


Sunday, and the weather wasn’t the greatest. The clouds were moving quickly and it was raining just a bit. I setup under a tree to keep the rain off and my canvas was so dark that it was difficult to see anything at all. I ended up moving my easel a couple times, once to get more light, and again to get the patch of sunlight off my canvas once the sun decided to come out.

Wasn’t a bad painting experience though. I was focusing mainly on values. Then I got caught into the mass of crap that is this tree in the foreground. Wow, nothing but a bunch of scattered twigs everywhere. It was very difficult to get it to look any good at all, and I feel I failed there.

The Painting



The Location




Nothing to say about drawing here, my focus was totally on getting the values correct.




How can I improve the values?

In my attempt to push the items across the late further back, I made them way too light. The values of the water and the foreground mass of twigs is good, I just need to darken up the background to get it spot on. I also need to learn how to deal with a mass of twigs and reflections in water.