Session #086, Work #077


At some point I will do a post on this but I’m building my own taboret. I have a great Idea and I hope it works out. But I was on my way to IKEA to get the major piece of my future taboret when I stopped to paint this scene in a Boeing parking lot. While painting I was hoping that no one would thing I was doing anything nefarious and run me off the lot or worse. With all the bombings and crap, it makes since that a security guard would be super paranoid at a facility that manages something about airplanes.

The painting was fun regardless, but as soon as I got home and pulled it out of my wet panel carrier, I said “holy crap that is way too yellow!” I really need to get these high chroma colors under control.

The Painting



The Location


The following photos are of me playing with the scene on my iphone while painting.

42313-locationb 42313-locationc 42313-locationd




How can I improve the values?

Well at lease the value on the super yellow is pretty close. Looks like I got most of the ground plane wrong here, it all should be much lighter. I have to say, when I get rid of the crazy yellow in this painting I think its not too bad.