Session #094, Work #085


So at life drawing class tonight I set my easel up so that my paper was really high and I was able to view the model in a spot where she fit on the page. Unfortunately the class was so packed with people that I couldn’t set up my vantage point far behind my easel. I has to be pretty close to the easel and just keep head in one place.

I was very self conscious trying this method out in the class because I know that Jamie would prefer a more fluid approach to drawing, but I really feel that right now what I need is a good drawing foundation and eye training. So I stuck with it and the proportions turned out good, but the drawing didn’t turn out too well. If I had the skills to get the proportions correct right at the start then I could be more fluid and I think the long pose would have turned out better.

The Drawings

30 Second poses


30 second poses


10 minute pose


10 minute pose


1.5 hour pose