Session #096, Work #087


For this drawing I’m using two sheets of paper. First is a Strathmore 300 series charcoal paper, second is a Canson pastel paper. After putting the first stroke of charcoal down on the Canson paper I immediately hated it. The texture was much to prominent to even be useful in making a drawing. Luckily, after the drawing I tried a few strokes on the back of the paper and it wasn’t too bad, so the whole pad will not be a total waste.

The Strathmore 300 is good though. I’m not liking the vertical line texture much, but I have found ways around that. This will be my go to paper for a while. Its kinda cheap, and works well.


The Drawing



The Setup



The Strathmore paper is on the right and the canson is below. You can see how far I got on the canson paper before I didn’t bother with it anymore.


Drawing Comparison



I really need to work on my accuracy here. I’m happy that I got a lot of the line weights done well, but moving forward I think I may need to go for an exact 100% reproduction.