Session #302, Work #297

I’m finding gouache very interesting yet difficult to work with. Its very similar to watercolor yet I feel like it wants to be worked in a more opaque manner. And for the first time I really have to think about the white of the paper and use it to my advantage. Which in tern causes a need for careful consideration before laying down paint. I have to figure out if I want certain areas to only have transparent layers and show the white of the paper through or if they should be opaque.



Also, I find that this is a very careful medium needing many small strokes and taking much time to render anything in detail. But, I also feel like if I wanted to work in wet on wet washes that I could do that also, although I’m not very comfortable with it yet to do so.

I spent two hours working on this very small image tonight, and it doesn’t even have a background to it. If any medium is going to force me to increase my longevity of nightly work, this is it.


The Painting



The Setup



The Subject


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