Shuksan Study 6

I was just trying a zoomed in version of this study today and wanted to keep everything very loose with not much detail.

The question I’m having now is. Can I communicate massive scale within such a small painting? So I’m trying to do that by juxtaposing the mountain next to the building and bringing them closer together to emphasize that size difference.

What I can improve for the next painting.

  • Maybe when the mountain is taking up so much more space it needs to have more detail to have impact?
  • Generalize the smaller mountain behind the building better, really look at the shapes that are made by the trees and put them in simply.
  • Push the distance between the foreground and background with value.
  • Don’t just go directly off the photograph and copy the colors and values, lower the key of the painting and fix the shortcomings of the camera.

Here is what I like about this study

  • I do like the proximity of the mountain next to the building but it’s not working yet.

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