Still Life Test

It has been a while since I’ve done a still life and today it showed. But in my defense this was just a still life test.

Basically the purpose of this still life session was to setup a still life area so I can quickly setup a still life once a week and work on it. It took me an hour to just get the area setup so I just chose a simple object to start painting. Long story short I was rushing this a lot and it looks like it.

Well, this is the purpose of doing a still life at least once a week. I need to keep in practice with still life painting. Mainly because it helps me think about composition and dealing with real life lighting situations.

So, right away I’m learning something, or to be more accurate I’m remembering something I shouldn’t have forgotten. Take more time setting up a still life, and take even more time painting it. The composition of the still life is 80% of the process.

Still Life Test
Still Life Test
Still Life Test, setup

2 thoughts on “Still Life Test

  1. This Zen statue was one of your first paintings from when you started your daily art journey. My interest is to see the comparison of the two. See your progress, even after months of not practicing still life…

    1. Ugh! I fear the comparison. I didn’t work so hard on this one, honestly I didn’t have much interest in painting it. I really need to figure out my true subject matter and focus on that.

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