Ann: Study Day

Today I spent more time studying other artists rather than drawing. Most of my time was spent with Robert Henri and Thomas Eakins.

Ann: Study 1

My next major work is of Ann. I haven’t seen her in a while but I can still recall our photo session in June last year.

Life Drawing: Christina

I moved a little out of my comfort zone today by using nothing but bigger brushes. I didn’t even take small brushes with me to the studio.

Patrick: Cd’s

I worked on the third layer of paint over the Cd’s on Patrick’s shelf and I like them a lot more now that I broke up their edges.

Patrick: Figure Done

Today is a big milestone in the Patrick painting. I’m almost 100% sure that I’ve finished the figure unless I find something I hate later.

Patrick: The Foot

This morning I worked on Patrick’s foot. Getting the drawing and values refined while also setting up for more layers later.

Initial Layers

I worked on some initial layers of paint for some of the complex items at the top of the background.

Stack of CD’s

I’m excited to see all the gray areas getting filled with color and it’s nice to get the complex stack of CD’s started.

Patrick: Have a Plan

I started painting today a bit frazzled from some to-do items that were full of frustration and it helped me realize something.

Patrick: More Wall Fun

I love the abstraction that I’m infusing into the wall behind Patrick and it is so much fun to relax and let the texture and color flow from me.