A Day of Research, Writing and Practice

Today is a day of research, writing and practice as I’m in between Fandom Fitness drawing and it normally takes me a day or so to find the right images for the next drawing.

I started my day with continued work on my next Artist Perspective of The Art Spirit by Robert Henri. This book is super packed with wisdom and condensing it all down into a few very succinct ideas is taking a long time. I hope to finish it this month as long as I can put some work in on it every day.

Enhanced Warm-up

After reading through the first few exercises of Drawabox.com I’m decided to enhance my daily warm-up with some great exercise influenced by the site.

My normal warm-up practice consists of a series of ellipses, lines and doodles. The purpose of the warm-up is to get my muscles as well as my mind focused before starting into the important drawing. The enhancements I’ve added today though will optimize this practice to a whole new level.


I’m going to add the table of ellipses exercise from drawabox.com lesson 1 to the sides flanking the large flower in the center.

I’ve already added extra challenge to my line exercise at the bottom of the page influenced by superimposed lines exercise.

Lastly I’m adding the planes exercise from lesson 1 at the top, which will eventually be turned into the ellipses in planes exercise.

The only thing I need to figure out is what to do in the space at the left and right of the bottom of the page. I’m sure further movement through the drawabox.com curriculum will give me some ideas.

Draw A Box Exercises

The exercises I created to work on the three basic forms (cube, cylinder, sphere) influenced by Figure Drawing for Artists is now going to be supplanted by the draw a box exercises.

I’m really loving these exercises. The are clear and concise and follow a lot of the principles of deliberate practice. In fact the person creating the exercises even mentions the importance of feedback with is an import aspect of deliberate practice. The exercises are structured so that they provide intimidate feedback.

“Practicing against set criteria, with a way to judge success/failure is an important element of learning. There’s nothing wrong with failure – it’s an opportunity to learn. Having a clearly defined task allows us to analyze those failures and make the most of them.”


That is an amazing statement, there is a lot of wisdom in it!

See the sheet of ellipses I created today. Each ellipse provides its own feedback as I have points at which the ellipse is supposed to hit among other things.

Draw a box exercises

I’m really getting into these exercises but I have changed them from what is suggested on the site. Drawabox.com suggests that I use a fine liner pen and a sheet of printer paper. But I want to challenge myself a bit more, I’m not going to be working a draftsman table all my life I’m going to be mostly painting. So I need to stand and deal with my arm in space and not resting on a surface.

Here is me working hard on the above page with a wide stance and lots of focus.

Me drawing

Memory Gestures

I’ll provide a quick explanation of the exercise from The Natural Way to Draw, I always feel like I have to explain these terrible drawings.

What three poses in succession for 30 seconds each without drawing or doing anything. Then draw the three poses from memory in only 60 seconds.

This is why I end up with a lot of scribbles. But the exercise is great for feeling the pose and attaching my memory to a motive rather than just trying to remember a position.

The very last drawing was me getting into a longer drawing of a pose I really liked.

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I drew my lamp I use for all my art and a glimpse of my neighbor yesterday walking to the garage in the back yard.

daily composition and daily sketch

I’ll finish out my day today with some research on the next Fandom Fitness character and work on a new Art Tip I’m thinking about.

What went well?

Lots of great focus on a day of research, writing and practice!

What needs work?

I need to work on not neglecting my 1000 second timer again…

What did I learn?

Ellipses inside a plane is hard.

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