A New Body For Captain Marvel

After noticing that Captain Marvel’s body way too large I spent most of my time erasing and composing a new body for her.

Captain Marvel’s suit has a very specific look that I feel needs to be communicated correctly so I spent most of my time searching for the right images and working on Photoshop to get the size of her body right.

I hope that when I’m done with this new body for Captain Marvel that is looks correct and I don’t have to do it over again.

new body for captain marvel

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Today’s Gestures, Warm-up, and Modeled Drawing in Ink

The goal of today’s gestures was to follow the initial impulse when seeing the figure for the first couple seconds. Whatever feeling I had when looking I tried to communicate with my gestures. Some worked well, some didn’t.

Daily Composition

On my morning walk I was wondering what I was going to do for my daily composition and having a hard time figuring that out when fate gave me a subject.

daily composition 8

I passed a very talkative and inquisitive gentleman on the path that may have been homeless. We talked for a bit. He was very weather beaten and disheveled but pleasant to speak to.

He did ask a lot of very odd questions about the goings on of his family that lived somewhere on the islands. He stopped and began talking to me right in the middle of a cross-walk and kept inching towards me in an attempt to get some sort of companionship. Hard to do with the current covid-19 pandemic. I just kept inching away and talking to him nicely. I didn’t feel threatened or anything, it was a nice chat.

I tried to give him all my presence from a distance. Partly for him and partly for me, because I knew I was going to draw him later.

What went well?

Moving forward, slowly but surely. I feel as inevitable as a glacier.

What didn’t go so well?

Too much time in Photoshop and not enough time drawing.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

I’m going to try and put deliberate practice in place more often with my daily art by defining a goal for the day, bolstering my focus, making sure that I’m going to work outside my comfort zone. Then plan the feed back on my posts.

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