Bard and Brew Before Gesture

I didn’t get a lot of art time in today because my wife and I attended the Bard and Brew showing of Henry V at the Tap Room tonight and it was amazing.

It’s not often that we get out and do something like this together, between our budget and our motivation to accomplish meaningful daily tasks it just doesn’t happen. Tonight was a wonderful exception.

Bard and brew before gesture, tap room picture
Bard and brew

At first I thought this was going to be kinda weird, actors running around the Tap Room yelling. But it wasn’t, after the first few actors had started their parts I really got into the story, what I could follow that is, and had a great time. Once again, I’m liking Whidbey island more and more.

Bard and brew before gesture, 2 minute poses
2 minute poses

We didn’t get home till after 8pm and my bed time is usually around 9, so I just decided to do some gesture study with Steve Huston on New Masters academy. I followed along with his drawing and drew the same figures myself.

Bard and brew before gesture, 5 minute poses
5 minute poses

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  1. I agree, this island offers more and more opportunities for the two of us than either could imagine, and many more opportunities to get out and enjoy ourselves…

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