Christmas Landscape 1

It’s a bit late in the game but I got inspired to do some Christmas / snowy themed landscape paintings for gifts.

So far it’s not going well. The first attempt had all kinds of problems. The paper was warping too much to work and the white of the paper was making it too hard to judge colors. I’m using Gouache for the first time in probably a year so I was expecting some trouble at first.

A terrible first attempt but that is okay. I love a challenge! When there is a  definite indicator that I can’t do something well in painting I work at it until I improve.

The next attempt went better after I gessoed the paper on both sides. This solved 80% of the warp and helped me judge colors much better with the gray gesso. I will still have to glue the painting to a stiff backing but I think that will just improve the feel of the work even more.

Not only was the second attempt much better but I was able to get a lot more quality work accomplished quickly.

So far it is till lacking quality but I intend to work at it over the weekend and see if I can turn this around.

What went well?

I jumped right into something I was inspired to do, instead of letting the inspiration wain and die.

What didn’t go so well?

I need to brush up on my skills with Gouache, they are beyond rusty and try to come away with a lighter and subtle painting.

What did I learn?

I’m just used to painting on gray, painting on any other color is going to be a challenge and something I will have to train to do and now is not the time. Also, never pick up a different medium I haven’t worked in for years and expect to paint as well as I do with oils.

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