Close To Finished

I worked on the legs and feet today and I’m very close to finished. I could of continued on but I decided to let it go another day.

I’ve become increasingly sensitive to my own mood while painting. After many paintings failing or succeeding due to my mood or focus, I’m able to recognize how I’m feeling and determine my course. I was so close to finishing this painting but I had been distracted and pulled away from it. The distraction was necessary and good, but a distraction all the same. So when I sat down to continue painting again I recognized my lack of focus and ended the session. Plus, I’m painting the foot of this figure which is super complex and I felt like I needed as much focus as possible to get it right. It would not surprise me if it took two hours just to finish the foot tomorrow.

Close To Finished
Close To Finished

If I could only get good photos of my work… sigh…

Close To Finished, setup


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