Drawing With the Flu: Day 11

This could possibly be artistic suicide. Art marketing 101 tells us that as artists we should never show our bad work. I say “to hell” with that. I wan’t other artists to see my bad days as well as my good one, I want to see other artist’s struggles. If anything this website, my blog, is honest and I’m proud of that.



  1. I agree. We live in a world that often gives false pretenses because things are instantaneous and processes are sped up. Documentaries how animals living active and exciting lives in the wild, but don’t show the hours and hours and months and even years of the researchers studying and filming dull and stagnant activity just to get their 10-20 minute action sequence.
    Reading your favorite book in a series and getting upset that there will be another 2-3 years between installments (IS JON SNOW ALIVE?!?!), or films for that matter.
    Seeing the process is helpful and even inspirational to me. Hey, this guy has off days too! He didn’t become a great artist overnight! And the process will continue on ad infinitum. I hope you never stop learning and I hope you always feel honest and open enough to show the good, the bad, and the errors.

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