High Chroma Block-in

For this session I did a high chroma block-in of the figure. Chroma, is referring to the intensity of the colors.

My intention is to work on this painting in much the same was I’m working on the other figure painting I have going at the same time. I want to build up these figures in layers of glazes. Well, at least some glazing will be done. I’ve never done a lot of glazing, I’ve always painted wet into wet. So these two paintings will be a learning experience on how to build up subsequent layers of paint allowing the colors underneath to show through. Hence the reason for the high chroma on this block-in. I know that all the layers of color added later will subdue the block-in colors but I want to see what the effect is when the top colors rely upon the lower colors for a major influence in hue.

High Chroma Block-in
High Chroma Block-in
High Chroma Block-in, setup

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