Me and Kiddie: Photos and Gesso of Paper

I’m starting a new painting and I have a lot of motivation for something new. My photos and a subject that is meaningful.

I spent a long time this session just taking photos. I set a timer on my camera, which was on a tripod, click the button then ran back to my seat to the pose. I took about 20 pictures but funny enough I ended up choosing the second photo I took.

I wanted Kiddie in the photo also but I knew that I would not be able to keep him in one place if I kept running back and forth from the camera. So I took pictures of kiddie separately sitting on my desk. After a ton of photos of a blurry Kiddie that would just not sit still I was able to capture a good shot.

After that it was pretty easy to take the photo of Kiddie and merge it with the photo of me in the chair.

Next I gessoed a sheet of hot press arches watercolor paper. It is actually a half of a full sheet, about 22 inches by 15 inches. I use Golden white gesso and tint it with lamp black and burnt umber to make a nice warm gray. I also dilute the gesso by about 25% to get it to smooth out really well on the paper.

I put about 3 to 5 coats of gesso on the paper and sand in between each coat with 220 grit sand paper. This process is time consuming but I speed it up a bit by using a hair dryer to dry the Gesso. When I’m done I end up, hopefully, with a very smooth gessoed paper. It is not smooth as glass but has very minute texture, kind of like skin actually.

The photos for this post are a bit inaccurate as for this session I didn’t get any drawing started as I spent about 2 hours just on taking photos and setting up my paper. The photos here are actually from the next session.

Me and Kiddie Painting: Photos and Gesso of Paper
Me and Kiddie Painting: Photos and Gesso of Paper
Me and Kiddie Painting: Photos and Gesso of Paper, setup

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