Life Drawing From Photos

I feel that I need to spend more time per week working with charcoal and the figure. So today was life drawing from photos.

To be honest I don’t feel near as motivated to draw from photos as do to paint. More and more I feel a need to figure out what main subject matter I want work on. So far all the art I’ve been doing for the past four years is to facilitate better skill in the craft. I think the next step is to begin working on “important” paintings, these works will push my skills further and force me to work hard on specific aspects of art. I just have to figure out what I want to do…

Life Drawing From Photos, 2 min gestures
2 Minute Gestures
Life Drawing From Photos, 5 min drawings
5 Minute Drawings
Life Drawing From Photos, 10 min drawings
10 Minute Drawings
Life Drawing From Photos, 20 minutes
20 Minutes


  1. Well, you may not like doing them as much as painting, but I enjoy looking at these, so it’s good work. At least from this non-artist’s perspective…

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