Male Figure Painting: Session 11, Finished?

This may be the last session for this male figure painting, but I’m not positive. I’m very happy with its current state, and yet, I keep thinking…

I think I’ll hang this one up on my wall and keep looking at it for a while before I varnish it. Maybe I’ll work on it more or, maybe I’ll just wait a couple weeks and varnish it also, I’m not sure.

Male Figure Painting: Session 11, Finished?, setup


  1. I like the detail of this work. I am just making an observation of something that just occurred to me, but you are coming away from open studio somewhat frustrated with your painting, but only spend three hours there, whereas you are spending a significant more amount of time on these figure paintings. Is there a correlation between time spent and frustration? I don’t know, just noticing that.

    • Yes, you are correct. I think it is directly related and even the heart of the issue. I feel like I need to get a whole, good looking, figure done within a very short amount of time. So I rush, mess up, then get frustrated. Definitely something I need to work on.

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