Male Figure Painting: Session 3

This is the first start to a figure painting that I actually feel as if I’m in control. The few paintings previous had haphazardous starts without direction.

The plan that I formulated yesterday has seemed to work. I started thinly laying in the shadow areas with a burnt umber. Actually, it was a combination of transparent colors that I mixed to match a burnt umber because I’m out of burnt umber currently. Then I painted in all of the lit areas of the figure with an opaque flesh tone, adjusted slightly for areas that were a bit more warm like the head, hands and, shoulder. Once that was done I put in a dark gray background. Previously the canvas was all white and it was very difficult to decern correct values for the figure.

After that, I did a bit of finishing work on the head. While painting the head I tried to constantly keep in mind how the form should turn and recede into space. I’m very pleased with how the head of the figure is popping off the canvas.


Tomorrow I will continue with finishing work, or maybe the next day, I have life drawing tomorrow.

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