New Painting Old Canvas

I’ve had this old canvas for close to 10 years now. It’s really nice and was expensive when I bought it, now I’m going to use it.

The trouble is that I’m doing a painting on it vertical. Which means it doesn’t fit on my easel and it is very hard to take a picture of the full length. Considering I take photos of my progress, I’ll just keep posting picture of sections of the work. When I’m done with the painting I will post the full length.

New Painting Old Canvas
New Painting Old Canvas
New Painting Old Canvas, setup

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  1. It’s sometimes hard to get over the idea of “saving” something. We buy wine to drink but end up saving it for some undetermined special occasion. I buy notebooks for the same reason. I know you had different intentions for that canvas when you first bought it, but it’s nice that you are going ahead and working on something with it. That’s what it’s for.
    I look forward to seeing the progression of your painting

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