Patrick: Drawing Done

I’m done with the drawing with graphite now it is time to begin with paint. I will always be drawing but now it is time to transition to painting.

Moving Sketch 2

We have moved most of our stuff to our new apartment yesterday now we are moving our most precious kitties after I do my sketch.

Moving Sketch

All my art supplies are packed up and the apartment is almost empty so I’m sitting on the floor drawing a clean kitchen stove.

Patrick: Warm Colors

I purchased some new paints that are all warmer than my current set and I think this is helping a lot to achieve what I want.

Pattie: Wood Floor Done

I’m almost certain I’ve finished the wood floor except for the smaller shadows under her feet which I will do when I work on the feet next.

Pattie: Home Again

We had a super long trip last night and didn’t get home till 2am so I’m painting a bit late in the day on Pattie’s portrait after getting some needed sleep.

Pattie: Wood Floor

I wasn’t looking forward to the wood floor so I just dove right into it. Normally when I don’t like something it’s because I need practice.

Patrick: Awkward

This is the stage of drawing were it always seems very awkward looking to me. Just lines placed with accuracy and no emotion.

Patrick: Start

I’m working larger, my surface is canvas now instead of paper and my setup is totally different. Lots will change with this painting.

Life Drawing: Lyssa

I’ve discovered, or re-discovered that I have a hard time drawing women with subtle curves. Definitely something I need to work on.