Patrick: Adding More Layers

My original thought of this painting has changed since I’ve started so I’m constantly going back and bringing other areas up to date.

Today I put another layer of texture and form on Patrick’s arm which connected it better with his chest and neck. I even feel like I put a bit more dimentionality into it. I also started with another layer on the leg in the foreground. The way I work currently requires that each section of the body have a ton of layers in order to have the same feel as the head and face. And also because I really like the finish of it.

What went well?

I was able to achieve high focus due to my new before art ritual.

What didn’t go so well?

I’m getting a bit discouraged when I look at all I have left to do and need to constantly remind myself that the time doesn’t matter, the process is king and everything should serve the main purpose of this painting.

What did I learn?

Subtle changes in value, either through color or light and dark, is very important when describing the muscle movements under the skin and to keep all those shapes looking accurate.

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