Patrick: Copying from a Child

Maybe one of the hardest things to do is try and copy the spontaneity of a child’s drawing. He/she is a true master unfettered by time.

I’m assuming that the crayon drawing behind Patrick’s head is from a child but I think it is a good assumption. I’m also trying to recreate the look of crayon which is super hard to do with oil paint. If I was truly dedicated I would buy and oil stick for each color in the drawing and use that, but I’m too motivated to continue on this painting.

While painting this fabulously chromatic and expressive artwork I was laughing to myself as I envisioned a future art historian remarking upon this work and how this expressive abstraction may be my one and only truly original work. HAHA!

I describe the child’s drawing wile painting a wall and trying to get it’s life into the paint all the while melding Patrick just a bit into his surroundings. Then I add a light blue to the couch and it was a revelation of change, so much so that I did a little celebration after standing back and looking at it. I love this painting, I love painting it and I feel to date, even though it is far from finished, that it is by far my best work ever.


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