Patrick: Impasto

I’m close to slapping on the paint thickly with a palette knife, maybe if I sculpt the portrait out of paint I can come close to the life I want to achieve.

There is a depth I want to achieve not only in the form of the head but in the translucence of the skin. If I need to work the same small parts of the face for dozens of sessions to achieve my desired feeling I will do so.

Currently I have only worked around the eye on the right but its comparison with the acrylic of the opposite eye is uplifting. The oil paint has a body, softness and life that the acrylic doesn’t come close to achieving. Unfortunately though when looking at the photo of my latest work none of this is communicated, in fact the painting looks terrible in my photographs compared with the actual painting. In this too I’m excited. If a painting ever looks better in a photo I know I’ve done something wrong.

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