Still Life Fundamentals

Tonight I focused on the fundamentals, but I didn’t do much drawing because I was watching videos from New Masters Academy. I just signed up for this online resource today and I was anxious to get started on some lessons. One thing I’ve never been afraid of was returning to the most basic principals of art.

I always have to remind myself that I’m never to good at anything to warrant not practicing the fundamentals. No matter how well I can render a lemon I still benefit from reviewing cross contour drawing. Actually, I feel that if I haven’t mastered all these fundamentals yet and if I spend more time to master them that it would improve all aspects of my art tremendously. Most of the struggle that I have with the figure I think stems from not knowing the fundamentals extremely well.

So, I know it looks boring, but here is what I did tonight, simple drawings of objects, focusing on their cross contours and the best way to use those contours to describe the form in space.

Still Life fundamentals: setup

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  1. Back to principles is similar to “Back to Kindergarten” in fitness and animal training. It never hurts to have reminder sessions of how far you’ve come. And I STILL enjoy a lecture on the basics of enrichment or operant conditioning. They are cornerstones.
    I’m glad you got the course. You will surely receive some great lessons and inspiration from it.

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