Still Life With Pear: Session 6

I’m at a loss for words today I have been working on the still life with pear for six sessions now and I’m not sure what to say about it.

I didn’t work very long on it today, only an hour and a half. I’m focused on the satin cloth now and working slowly. The values in the cloth are so subtle and the edges are difficult to discern so I’m paying close attention.

still life with pear setup
Still life with pear setup

I’m almost layering the painting at this point. I started working on the cloth by painting the broader values and shapes first with a larger brush then after getting the general shape done I switch to a smaller brush and work more methodically through the fabric.

Still life with pear subject photo
Still life with pear subject photo

I found my mind wandering too much after about an hour working tonight and I didn’t want to cause any mistakes in the painting from lack of focus so I only worked for an hour and a half. I figure that tomorrow I will hit the open studio as a break from the painting, then com back to it on Thursday with a focused mind.

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