DukDukDia: More Energy

I want to do more than just copy this illustration so today I worked on infusing more energy in to the painting through texture.

I’m also attempting to smooth out the edges of the hummingbird so they look more fluid. This is proving to be difficult as I have to keep my hand super steady with every stroke. At some points I’m even holding my breath.

I find it a wonderful dichotomy between the control, slow patience, of the hummingbird and the energetic, loose and somewhat haphazard strokes of the background. I feel it work well to create a lot of energy in the work.

What went well?

The background texture is working very well! And I’m able to clean up a lot of edges in the black.

What didn’t go so well?

I want to keep painting on it but it would be best to let this layer dry and then continue on it a week later.

What did I learn?

Energy in a static image is sometimes best added through energy of the body. It translates more succinctly than I ever imagined.

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