Patrick: Control and Spontaneity

I’m trying to balance control and spontaneity, too much of either and problems arise.

I want to be like the river that flows through the center of two banks. On one side is control and on the other spontaneity. If I flow to far over the the control side the painting becomes rigid and lifeless. But if I flow too far over the spontaneity side the painting looses form and becomes fuzzy and weightless. Some times it is good to use each when the painting calls for it but when dealing with Patrick’s had I need to be careful and flow between.

I continually look at Patrick’s face as a guide. There I was able to achieve a balance of each that I love and I feel the only way to replicate that in other places is to spend many many sessions on getting it right. Layer upon layer seems to bring a feeling of finish and life to the body that I can’t get with just simple strokes.

Perhaps it’s just lack of experience, only time will tell.

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