Patrick: Have a Plan

I started painting today a bit frazzled from some to-do items that were full of frustration and it helped me realize something.

Before I sit down to paint I should have a plan of what I’m going to work on and at least a general idea of how to accomplish it. Especially on this painting where everything is basically defined and the techniques I’m using don’t change much throughout the work.

For today I would have accomplished a lot more in a shore time if I only had a plan at the beginning. Just to make it actionable I’m going to adjust my pre-art ritual to include having a plan before starting.

What went well?

I was able to determine a way to make my daily practice a little better 🙂

What didn’t go so well?

I didn’t have a plan when starting and it led me to some frustration in working.

What did I learn?

Change up my pre-art ritual to include having of plan of what to work on before rocking it.

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